Launch Complex 1

The team here at Mitten Space labs took last weekend off to celebrate Christmas, but this weekend we’re back with more rockets and airplanes.

Propulsion Experiment 1

Since Captain Obvious has a never ending supply of hot air, today’s experiment involved stringing a line across the basement (this is winter in Michigan after all) and seeing how well we could propel makeshift rockets across the room.

Space Cadet on the other hand decided to show up dressed as a dinosaur.Space Cadet


We Are Building A Space Agency

I’m determined to give those NASA nerds a run for their money, why do those guys get to have all the fun?

It is day three of Thanksgiving break and Captain Obvious and Space Cadet need to get out of the house for a while. I explain to Captain Obvious that one of the primary missions of any space agency is Earth sciences, and that a lot of Earth based science is actually done by balloon not by rockets (much to his immediate disappointment).

It is obvious from today’s experiment that I was not thinking as far ahead as I could have. For one thing I learned that the local party store will not sell me a canister of helium, instead for $6.30 they’ll fill up six balloons for me to stuff into the car. Live and learn.

Much fun was had experimenting with drag and lift and afterwards when I asked Space Cadet what the weather observations where his reply was Not Cold.