Launch Complex 1

The team here at Mitten Space labs took last weekend off to celebrate Christmas, but this weekend we’re back with more rockets and airplanes.

Habitat Construction

In preparation for our future on another planet Captain Obvious and Space Cadet begin construction on various habitat models to test their long term viability.

Space Cadet agrees that Red Vines make excellent structural supports, whereas Captain Obvious feels that you can never have enough multi-purpose adhesive.

The next test will be to verify how long the various construction techniques last in the harsh environment of the kitchen.  Our guess is less than a week.


Today’s project comes from a BrushBot kit I picked up at the Detroit Maker Faire a few years ago, long before Space Cadet was even born.

The kit itself is fairly simple:

  • A few cheap toothbrushes
  • Some batteries
  • Some cell phone vibration motors
  • Some HORRIBLE sticky tape

Captian Obvious was completely excited to build his robot meanwhile Space Cadet couldn’t quite understand why the sticky tape stopped working after pulling it off and throwing it down on the basement floor. Maybe one of our future experiments will be all about adhesives.

Communications Testing

Today’s experiment revolved around testing some primitive communication devices.

  • 2 Solo Cups
  • A length of string
  • A nail (to poke a hole in the bottom of the cups)

Captain Obvious made sure that the first conversation on our new highly expensive piece of equipment was in fact about farts.